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I’m leaving CDRP.. for now.

I’ll be back.. maybe. But there’s really no use in hogging up two characters I don’t roleplay anymore. You can always contact me on my personal—besides, I’ll talk to all of you from my main account, anyways. If you try to visit my page, it’ll take you to a new one, and my personal blog is linked there. I just need to focus on school and family for a while, which is what I’ve been doing lately.

There’s no use in typing out a 30-paragraph long goodbye speech; It’s highly likely I’ll be returning, anyways. Creative Disney Roleplay is the first community I started roleplaying in, and you don’t know how thankful I am for you guys. More than once, you guys have helped me with personal problems, and I love you all for that.

So, all I can really say is thanks, and I’ll see you soon. Bye guys. <3



Through the waters, Adella swam restlessly. The last thing she wanted to do was go back down there. It really wasnt fair. Tamara could go out and Ariel lived outside. She had the right to come to the surface every now and then, didnt she? She loved the way she could swim freely, and how she was never hot from the sun or had rainy days. But that was part of being human, the good and the bad. It was a perfectly balanced world. Down there, every minute of every day was planned for her, and she hated it.  You aren’t human, she thought to herself, silly.

Today was like any other day for Melody. After waking up, Melody had a quick breakfast and went straight to princess classes.Ugh. The girl had survived, thankfully, and now she was on the beach. Nothing new there. Her feet were in to water, and it didn’t seem like there was a problem in the world. She drew little patterns with her finger in the sand, watching as the waves swept up and emptied her little canvas. Mel soon grew tired of this little activity and glanced up to see a — what? A mermaid tail? She blinked and rubbed her eyes, then squinted to see what had caught her attention. 

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